Tera Needs

Here's something I found on a pretty fun blog over at http://blogs.chron.com/mamadrama/ Thought I'd try it and here's what I got. Just do a Google search for ("Your name" needs ) and see what it is you're needing in your life. Kinda fun for a Friday morning! :-)


needs donations from the public. No amount is too small, and all currencies are welcome.
needs donations to support women
needs to get out
Needs You!
a few good volunteers!
more women
needs to visually shut down
needs a creative push

And on Alta Vista I need:
to go below target weight we had set.
to connect, not only to a large number
to get out
to get on stage
to have the power

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Jenny said...

So how many more women does Tera need? Because I'll volunteer if there's no moving involved.