First Communion

Sunday was Mother's Day. It was a very special Mother's Day as it was also the day Kaeden celebrated his first communion. And he was in a complete state of happiness the entire day, his eyes were shining and I enjoyed just watching him rejoice in his special day.

We went to his school after all of us dressing in our Sunday best. We dropped Kaeden off with his teacher and then headed to the gym where the ceremony was to be held. We were met by his godparents and oma and opa, who sat further back while we took our reserved parent seats...the perfect place to see our son receive the body of Christ, the perfect place to watch him climb on stage and sing his song, the perfect place to watch him dance along with the other children.

The theme of his communion was the most beautiful fish in the sea. This sea of little children, this sea of varied hadicaps brought tears to my eyes as I watched. All these little people God put here on earth, with some purpose in mind, and as I sat and looked around me, I was overtaken by emotion. In the gym were 500 onlookers for 22 children...each of those people has been positively enhanced by the handicap of the child they love, and as we all laughed together at the funny things the children said, we all clapped when they finished their part, we all prayed together, giving thanks to the Lord for his blessing of these little people in our lives. I saw parents crying as their child received the body of Christ, and some, like me, got a bit giggly with emotion even as tears created a glaze over my eyes. It was special, and I am glad I was able to take that peace home with me. And that understanding. An understanding of the importance of special children, and those that love our special children.

We came home to celebrate. kaeden poured his glass of kiddie wine, lit the candles on his cake, and waited patiently for us to sing to him. He opened his gifts and was extremely happy with each that he received. He didn't dare hope for a better day than what he had, because it truly was perfect...a small affair, with special people and fun gifts, a smorgasbord of delicious food, and sunshine that spettered down from between the rain clouds. God was with us.

Mother's Day. The gift I received in seeing that complete happiness flowing from my son was more wonderful than any other gift I could have received. I did get a terracotta lamp handpainted by my boys and husband, a plastic bag holder handpainted by Jari, and a whole bunch of yummy chocolates handmade by Kaeden. I see a theme here...handmade, handpainted...my favorite gifts of all. Mother's Day. A day to celebrate me, but where would I be if it weren't for the goodness of the Lord putting my special little boys in my life, my heart, and my home? I think that in the end, God gave me the very best gift of all. And for that, I give Him thanks.

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V-Grrrl said...

Glad you had such a great day and that so many people shared it.