Confirmation, Communion, Voetbal, Queen's Day

Yep, all within 4 days of each other! It's going to be a VERY busy weekend in May! But, I am so excited!!! Last night, my mom called me. SHe'd been online for 3 hours trying to figure out how to do a multy-city flight with no success...she said "Tera, could you see what the schedule and cost would be for me to fly to your house and then be at your brother's house by Tuesday the following week?" Within 2 minutes, I had her agenda all logged into Kayak. And, the price was right! And, my mom is calling me back this afternoon to confirm her flight! At least, I have been using my telepathic vibes to send my dad the go-ahead!!! We'll see if it works!

My mom MAY be coming to help us celebrate Kaeden's confirmation, Jari's First Communion, get to see what Queen's Day is all about (I'll have to remind her to bring some ORANGE to wear), and take in a soccer tournament. Now you know WHY I begged and pleaded for her to come. Look at all she can share with us in just a few short days!!! All those important little religious functions that are little stepping stones in my boys finding their religious identity. And then all those lil extras!

I am so excited. I can't wait to get that call telling me to go ahead and book her trip. There's just this urge to tear her out of sleep right now so I can finalize the arrangements. But I'll be nice and let her sleep a lil longer before springing my high-pitched excited voice upon her rested brains! "So, what'd DAD say? What's your credit card number?" and then as the adrenaline rush subsides, "Okay, you are booked and confirmed for April 28 at 3pm!! I can't wait to throw my arms around you in a hug, mom!!!"

Now, help me with those telepathic vibes...there's still a few hours to go to bring me complete contentment!!!


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Claudia said...

* whines * I want to come to Kaeden's confirmation toooooooooo!


Yeah! Sending you mom travel vibes ALL over the place!!!

Jade said...

I think I just vibed her out of bed for ya! lol. Hope your weekend is a beautiful one! Take it all in with a smile :-)