There's been so much happening in my life that I have been living with a continual headache the past few weeks. I haven't suffered a migraine in ages, but in the past few weeks I have felt the beginnings of my share. Luckily, I know the signs and can usually catch it before it really hits me. And yet, I have a non-stop headache. Last night I skipped out on choir, but today I decided to just go with the flow of my plans. So, on my agenda was written: Kinemundo KAV 9u kerk
Translated, that means: Cinema Women's Group 9:00 at the church

So, I got everyone out the door and headed out myself. I tried to get to the church, but with all the work going on in the neighborhood, I couldn't reach it (it's right next door to my house). So, I walked through all the mud and dirt and finally saw another woman from my group. We walked around and finally saw the group of 15 women waiting to head to the movie. Quite a large group for such a lil village.

We drove to Genk and attended the Euroscoop theater. I haven't been there before, but it's an old mine which is beautifully restored and houses the theater. We got our tickets and headed in to watch Tuya's Marriage. What an interesting film. It made me so grateful that I live in the land that I do. The film was shot in Mongolia and the whole jist of the film was that a woman cares for her disabled husband and two children, but in order to actually survive, she is forced into marriage with another man who agrees to care for her entire family. She herds the sheep, makes do with little, and rides on a camel, with a constant pot of broth heating on the stove to eat.

After, we had lunch and then did a bit of shopping. All was done with women, for women, celebrating women. It really reminded me that I am me, Tera, a woman outside of the home, outside of being a wife and mother, there's another facet to this person that I am. And it put me in a very productive mind-set, giving me the freedom to just be a woman, and enjoy the woman that I am. It reminded me that I need to take care of myself, my needs and desires, as well as those of my family. If I lose sight of me, this woman named Tera, I lose sight of all the other goals and objectives I have set out to complete and worked so hard to achieve. I can't be a good mom, a good wife, or a good homemaker without knowing that I also love myself and put myself as high up on the list of priorities as I do my husband and my kids. It was a good day. I am woman, hear me roar!

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