Our Shopping Trip

Saturday, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Kaeden. Just the two of us. And we were on a mission. His confirmation is fast approaching, and though he has his special shirt for the service, he is lacking a pair of pants. Realistically, he is lacking many pairs of pants...the kid has grown...and as his hems touch the top of his socks, I decided it was time to figure out his true size and find some things that would work. Unlike the typical past 12 years when I would go shopping, pick out something I thought he'd like and bring it home as a surprise. This time, he had choices. He had control. And he had an opportunity which led to many smiles and a special bonding between a mama and her son.

I discovered this outlet sort of store a couple months back while I was doing some Christmas shopping. They have all the brand clothing at the price of 4 euro each piece or 3 for 10 euro. How can you go wrong...well, besides needing to make sure there are no hidden holes or faded material, how can you go wrong?

So, off we went. Kaeden didn't know my agenda...he just knew we needed to find pants for his confirmation. So, when I asked him what he liked and he started flipping through the racks and I okayed any number of items for him to try on, he thought he'd died and gone to heaven. His dressing room was filled to overflowing as he changed into 20 different pairs of pants. And when I showed him what I thought was "cute" and he claimed they were disgusting, well, I was thrilled. My son is growing up. He is coming to the point where he expresses himself, thro
ugh his own style, his own fashion. And I have to admit, I didn't think it was too bad. He ended up picking out 6 items, and with each he was all THANK YOU MOM!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE MY GOOD LUCK!! WHY ARE YOU LETTING ME HAVE ANYTHING I WANT??

And you know what? I did it because 1) He needed clothes 2) He needs to have a chance to learn his own style and 3) It was absolutely FUN! Oh and number 4) It was also cheap, cheap, cheap! And I can afford cheap like that :-)

It was a good day out. Kaeden got home and shared all his treasures with Papa and Jari (and gave them something he picked out just for them) and was really proud of himself. And so was I. And he was thrilled to have only spent 30 euro when the total bill came to 297.16 euro (ask him, I KNOW he knows the exact amount. Money is his autistic stim thing) And so was I. So, here he is, modeling one of his favorites...don't you think he's a handsome teen style icon? :-) (So, the shirt sleeves are a little long, but hey, that was his absolute FAVORITE purchase of the day...who am I to deny him his happiness?)


tlawwife said...

You are lucky. My sons would have thrown fits if I made them try on that many pairs of clothes.

He is a fine looking man. So proud.

The sleeves will soon enough be too short.

Amanda said...

Kaeden is looking very handsome and also very happy! Sounds like a wonderful shopping trip, I am glad you both enjoyed it. Can't wait to do this with Harry some day... xox