Friday Farewell

For a week, anyway! This afternoon we're heading out the door for a luxurious vacation away from home and humdrum!!! We've rented a little house in the Twente region of Holland where we'll be out and about discovering all the area has to offer. I've printed out TONS of stuff to see and do while we're gone, but it looks as though the weather is planning to be very contradictory to all those outdoor/nature jaunts. So, I have also packed the DVD player and a stash of movies, 5 board games, and some microwave popcorn! We'll make it a party, whatever it turns out to be.
So, here's where we'll be, hoping the sun is shining at least a little so as the picture shows! Hope the Easter bunny hops into your garden and leaves lots of surprises...just as my boys are hoping for during our freeing Paasvakantie!

Until next week!!! Happy Easter!!


Jen said...

Happy Easter! :)

ChrisB said...

Have a wonderful holiday whatever the weather and a very Happy Easter.

Alison said...

Enjoy...have a wonderful vacation!!