Thankful Thursday

Oh, do I ever have LOTS to be thankful for today. It was a very trying day yesterday. I rarely have use of the family car as my husband takes it to work every day. However, yesterday I got everyone up and ready early so I could take him to the train station (20 km from home) and have use of the car. I had numerous plans all laid out for my day and started by grocery shopping in Holland (it's cheaper there). After doing the shopping, I planned to run all those little errands that never get done since I had more mobility. But, suddenly as I was driving, I smelled diesel. One of my chores was to fill up the car as it was nearly empty, but when I looked at how much was left, I suddenly went from having 92 km to having 80 in just seconds. The diesel smell grew and I had no power steering left and when I parked at the pharmacy to get Kaeden's medication, the car started smoking. So much for getting everything done.
I drove home as more and more diesel leaked out of the car. Called the AAA for assistance, and they came immediately, BUT they didn't have the part needed to fix the problem. Informed me I could go to any garage and they'd ahve the part. Fine, there is a garage not a mile from my house, I could manage to get there. And, I had no money in my Belgian bank account to get gas...and there are few stations that have a tennant on duty to pay cash. So, I drove to the garage, hoping to make it there, get the problem fixed, and maybe borrow a gas can in case I didn't make it to the station.
Car to garage...nope, no part. Car to second garage...nope, no part. You'll have to take it to a specialized Nissan garage. CRAP! So, I booked it to the gas station thinking maybe, just maybe, I could get 10 or 12 euro out of the little money on my card...and lo and behold, the station accepted my Dutch banking card with their brand new sytem! I filled up the car and felt a surge of relief. At least I had gas to get to a garage.
When the kids got home at 12 we headed for the Nissan garage. The guy fixed the problem in a matter of minutes and the part only cost 5 euro. I used 1/8 of a tank getting 16 km...I would not have made it if I hadn't been able to fill up.
We continued on to Kaeden's school parade where the kids got loaded down on candy, gifts, and toys. Jari had his school bag filled to the brim and while he was walking with it on his back, he actually fell over backward from teh weight of it. It was hilarious! Kaeden was in 7th heaven having all his friends throw him extra and special surprises, and I just enjoyed my day out with my kids. After, we went to teh second hand store where we found 3 new games, a couple books, and some clay for a mere couple euro...they had a blast digging through the crappy toys while I rummaged through the books..buy 1, get 1 free!
We took the car to the car wash...it stunk terribly! Got it all washed up, got Jari to soccer practice, Kaeden was ready for Judo practice, and we ran to pick up papa from the train. Got home just in time for Judo.
So, why am I thankful? Well, the problem with the car was very minimal...it cost little, and was easily fixed. I was able to get the kids to and from all their activities, and pick my husband up when just that morning Í thought I was doomed. The gas station accepted my bank card which is a small miracle in itself...it truly is just days since they changed the system! I was proud of my skills in getting something such as this completed completely in Dutch. I can speak eevryday Dutch perfectly, but throw in those specialized terms, and then I'm in another country! But, I got it done and felt very pleased with myself for accomplishing all of it alone. And, I had so much fun with my boys yesterday. We were all happy and laughing and playing and it was so freeing. My fave part of the day was when I was washing the car and they wanted me to spray them...yes, magical! So, I definitely have lots to be thankful for, but it may be awhile before I ask to borrow the car again!!!! :-)
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Alison said...

what a wonderful day Tera...and it is wonderful because of you!! You could have easily made it a stressful day for yourself and everyone else....your positive outlook and disposition turned it around!!! That is fantastic!!

my post is up now too!!

Jen said...

What a wonderful range of incidents! I'm so glad they changed the system just a few days before, otherwise this probably wouldn't have had such a happy ending eh? :D