Happy Feet

Today I was awakened by my little one telling me he had to use the bathroom...but it wasn't just that he needed to go, but that he had wet the bed. Oops! Not something that happens often with Jari, and he was definitely a bit embarrassed by his accident. He had a dire need to get in the bath and clean up his stinky little self. So, we trudged downstairs and turned on that glistening warm water and in he stepped. After my five minute early awakening, I was feeling okay again after my initial growls at being woken too soon. I started my morning ritual getting Erwin's food ready to take to work...and then I noticed the difference in our home, seconds after my husband came downstairs.

His feet were dancing. He had a smile plastered from one side to the other on his face. His eyes were shining. His voice was happily animated. And his happiness was definitely catching. I immediately cleared my mind of all the worries and chores I have to undertake today and started to sing in the kitchen. Erwin started making Kaeden's morning noises to "get me ready for his return", and I didn't even get annoyed, but laughed, happy that he was thinking about the safe return of our son this evening with stories to tell of his days at camp. It was really nice to see my husband so happy about today.

Why was he a bit of a "Happy Feet" this morning? Well, after weeks of 12 hour days at work, today is his last day before we....GO ON VACATION!!! Yep, tonight we're heading out to spend our traditional week away at Easter time. My husband loves vacation...well, who doesn't, but he really, really loves it! I enjoy seeing him during vacation as he relaxes from the stresses of everyday life and plays with the kids, eases into our day with late showers and breakfasts sitting around the table with an extra cup of coffee, making plans for our adventures of the day. And then as we drive off into adventure-land, we have a plan but no real worries...we take side roads to see where they will lead, we stop off at the woods to play with some sticks, we stop at a bridge to play Pooh sticks, we look for little brown signs that may lead to something interesting not listed on a tourist site, we have the radio playing and sing along, and we just enjoy our time as a family. No wonder he was happy today...his office and daily traffic adventures will be gone for an entire week, leaving him feeling renewed and refreshed. He won't need to answer telephone calls demanding deadlines, he won't have to sit through a boring meeting, he won't have to wake to the alarm clock ringing in his ear or worry if he'll find an ironed shirt in the closet. He won't have to drive behind an under the limit driver or a tractor that he can't pass. He won't have to find a parking place and take the elevator to the 7th floor and look out over the same view that he sees every day. He won't have to drink coffee from a little machine and eat bread sitting at his desk. Instead, he'll be on vacation, all that work stuff far from his mind.

Instead he'll have to play soccer outside, take a bike ride through a nature area, go on a few rides at an amusement park, watch the antics of the monkeys at the zoo, find easter eggs hidden by the bunny, eat breakfast with bacon and warm eggs and fresh-brewed coffee, sit on a terrace with a beer as we talk and watch the kids play on the playground, awaken in a little house by a pond when his mind says it's time to rise and shine, throw on a tshirt and training pants, and play, play, play just like the big kid that he can be. I love Happy Feet!

We're heading off on vacation...nope, not far away, but just over the border into Holland, just far enough away from reality for a week of freedom from life. My husband can't wait...and I can't wait for my husband to get home tonight!

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