This morning was a typical Kaeden morning...he was being a pain and unwilling to do anything I asked with minutes left to get ready before the bus came. I was totally frustrated and yelling and screaming, being that mom that I hate to be, when suddenly I didn't know what else to do...and I grabbed my son and pulled him into a huge hearty hug. He resisted me for a minute and then I felt him relax in my arms. As I kissed his fresh-washed hair, a peace fell over me, and when I let him go, it was as if my monster child had been replaced by a happy spirit. He got ready and smiled and spoke calmly and completed all his tasks with time enough to give out kisses and say goodbye to everyone as he left for the bus. It felt so good.

What I need to remember is that fighting with Kaeden does not produce results. Knowing he is loved does. As I lowered my voice and let him know I care, his entire attitude changed. And so did mine. I'm not saying it will work every morning, nor do I expect it to, but I am happy that this morning gave me a reminder that love is the best medicine, and I hope that I can remember it in future interactions with my hard-to-handle son.

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