Poor People or Trash to Treasure?

Yesterday morning after Erwin left for work with a ready-for-school Jari, I heard the keys rattling in the lock...they hadn't gotten out the driveway when these words entered my day, "Another delivery for the poor people!" And I was handed a bag of fresh-washed, gently-worn Jari-sized clothing. It had been left by the door of our car, and we have no idea who it came from. However, Jari did wear one of his new t-shirts today!

The funny thing about this story is that in the past month, I have had numerous moms asking if I want their kids too-small clothes for Jari. I always say yes, heartily. No sense in buying new clothes if he can benefit from some hand me downs that sometimes still have the tags on. But, it does make me wonder...was this another bag from someone who had already given me stuff, or has word been going around town that "the poor Hollanders are willing to take your trash/treasure."

Erwin left for work with the words "What, do they all think we're too poor to buy new clothes?" I'm sure it didn't make him shake in laughter as it did me as I cleaned up our breakfast dishes. I found it really funny, finding stuff usually left on the sidewalks for goodwill to pick up, and bringing it in, this treasure too good to toss out. As soon as Jari got home from school, he inquired about where his new bag of clothes was. I couldn't help but start laughing again. Can we just say From Trash to Treasure...for it certainly was in the eyes of my very adorable five-year-old, much to his Papa's chagrin. Yep, those poor people down the road....hahaha

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tlawwife said...

I always loved it when someone gave us hand me downs. It was so fun to look through.