Game Night

Tonight we were playing a new game as a family. It was Erwin and Jari's turn (they were playing as a team) and Jari was rolling the dice while Erwin made the big decisions. Here's the conversation that really hit my funny bone:
**Erwin waiting for Jari to resume play:

Erwin: Are you going to quit holding your penis and roll the dice?
Jari: But that feels good! (as his hands exit his pyjama bottoms and he clutches onto the dice while the rest of us laugh)

Oh, good Lord...what's a woman to do in a house full of guys...besides laugh...and get out the Clorox!!!


Alison said...

I feel your angst!! I have a boy too and they do love their appendages!!
Thanks for the lovely comments on my post..they are very much appreciated.
About your post below...I have started doing the same thing and I attribute it to the busyness of my life. With 2 children, numerous pets, and a home to maintain, and working part time..I am usually running in a million different directions. I have to write everything down now, and I didn't have to do that before. I would in mention it to your doctor if you are really concerned so he can rule things out and put your mind at ease.

Jen said...

My son is potty training right now and it seems like all he does is run around with his underwear off, grabbing on to his "part". Ugh!

Jade said...

Ohh my! LOL Poor Tera, the only girl in a house of boys! You need back up. Or rebel and just start holding your boob! Hee hee!

V-Grrrl said...

I love Erwin's sense of humor.

Claudia said...

ROFL! Oh goodness. Don't let THAT one make the cookies anytime soon!!! And yeah, well, according to my s/o, it DOES feel good (and I suppose, well, if I had a penis, I'd want to hold it too!)....Maybe we should start going around holding our boobs? Wonder how THAT would go over? ;)