Thankful Thursday

Lois at Life is Just A Stitch In Time is hosting Thankful Thursday this week. Go have a peek for all the reasons we all have to be thankful.
This week, I am thankful for medication. My son has ADHD and autism and I was one of those parents that was going to go without medicine. I didn't believe in putting my child on medicine for a condition he couldn't help. I didn't want his body to be filled with drugs that altered his mind status. However, that all changed when he was 7 years old and we I noticed how wired he was all the time, how he was failing in school, how he was no longer a happy little kid, but fighting with himself to be a good boy and just never able to succeed. Our psych recommended we just try ritalin, see how it goes, and we finally relented. After 2 hours on the drug, I knew it was necessary in order for my child to have some semblance of a normal life. He was able to quit jiggling wiggly all over the place, he was able to play a game or put together a block castle, he was able to listen and his eyes began to shine with childhood dreams again. Since giving him that first pill, I have become a believer that drug intervention CAN be a good thing. I do believe strongly that it needs to be closely watched, that alternative forms of therapy should be used, and that he needs to learn to live within his own body without relying on a drug. But, it really helps my son. It helps our family, and it helps my marriage. I am no longer a non-believer. If you have a condition that you need medicine in order to breathe (as Kaeden did as a baby, with hsi severe bouts of asthma), you take it to survive. And, if you have a condition which messes with your mind and creates a bunch of behaviors that you don't enjoy, you take medicine to assist you. Same thing, different purpose.
We are working with Kaeden's psych again to find a correct dosage and the correct drugs to try to once again get his ADHD and autism behaviors under control, so he can again have a happy, successful life. And it's hard figuring out the correct combinations, explaining to him why we're changing his schedule around, the cost of adding new meds. But, I am hopeful that we'll get this all resolved and our son will be free of the anger that stems from his mind not slowing down enough to properly work. That he'll once again, with the help of his medication, be able to find the sunshine that makes his eyes sparkle bright, his face break out in happiness, and his heart peaceful and filled with love. Today, I give thanks for medicine. It gives my son a chance be a kid.
**In other thanks, here's a link to an autism video which donates money each time it is watched. Please click on the link to help get funding for autism, maybe find a cure, but at least get these kids therapy and help that they need. This particular video really tells my feelings to a tee...but there are hundreds for you to watch. Thanks to each of you who support this cause.


Jen said...

Medication has helped me at various points of my life to help me get over the hump. I'm grateful for it, too.

Alison said...

Wonderful post Tera...Beautifully said. You are doing a the right thing for your son and your family. That is wonderful!!

Lois said...

What a strong person you are. I truly believe God gives special children to special mommies. I will keep you in my prayers.


ChrisB said...

Beautifully written post. It must such a difficult decision to make but it seems like medication is helping your son. Hope the right combinations are quickly found.

swampy said...

I clicked and watched. What a beautiful clip.
You are a special Mommy and my hope is that someday there will be a cure for this. Until then, I hope you and his docs can find the right combination of drugs to help him have a happy life.

Sandy said...

Wonderful post! You truly do have a lot to be thankful for, as does your son!

FUN-ky Mama said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
I came to visit yours and this post REALLY hit home for me. My stepson also has ADHD. I am the one who recognized the symptoms, and started the ball rolling for his diagnosis and treatment. And when the time came that he needed medication (for EXACTLY the same reasons you listed for your son), I met with resistance from other family members. But DH and I pushed on. I am so incredibly glad that we did; his medications help him so very much. I have often compared ADHD meds to other meds just as you did in this post. If a child had a tangible, physical ailment that people could see, nobody would question medicating him...in fact they would be upset if you did NOT! But some people just don't understanding that it can be just as necessary to medicate for ADHD.
Anyway, thanks for this post and I wish you continued success with your son.