Oh, The Humor!

Today Jari had a birthday party to attend. Yesterday we spent getting ready for this event. We made a rocket together to present to his friend as his birthday gift. When I asked Jari if he wanted to go to the toy store to pick out a gift, he informed me we had already made one...and he was perfectly content with his rocket ship. But me, er, not so much. Although it was a fine rocket ship,it's carboard exterior covered in stickers and the word RAKET printed neatly on its side, colored paper fire coming out the bottom, I wondered what the other moms would think if that was the only gift we came bearing. So, I told Jari we could go for a bike ride, which just happened to come along the toy store. "Do you wanna go in and have a look?" I asked him. "Yeah. maybe I can buy something with my birthday certificates," he claimed with a grin! "Or maybe you'll see something Bert would like to have," I nonchalantly replied. "Then he could have TWO presents," Jari shouted in glee. So in we went and came out 40 minutes later with a playmobil figure and a set of cars to add to the beautiful rocket ship. And a promise that Jari could return to use his gift certificates to purchase the easel which he was dying to have and I could only hold him off by the fact it wouldn't fit on my bike.

When we got home, he tore apart the card drawer looking for the perfect birthday card. He found it when a lopsided Goofy stared back at him. "I'm gonna write Bert a joke for his birthday!" my son informed me. I got out the markers and let him go to work. "Do you ened any help writing your joke?" I asked? "No, I can already write that, mama!" So, I went back to cleaning up the kitchen while he sat patiently writing his joke. 20 minutes later, he came to me with a devilish, gap-toothed smile. Laughter was penetrating his knotted up shoulders and I couldn't wait to hear what he'd come up with. "Mama, this is SOOOO funny. You are gonna laugh SOOO hard," he told me, and continued to read me his joke.

A bird was in the tree, but the tree was broken.

He began laughing so hard I was afraid his insides would fall out. Real, deep, belly laughter that made tears stream from my own eyes as I laughed right along with him. And then I looked at his card which amde me only laugh 10 times harder. Here's what was written on the back of his card.

Een voochel was in de boom, +++++ (a few letters crossed out from a misspelled word)maar de boom was kapot.
(Een vogel was in de boom, maar de boom was kapot.)

Just seeing his sounded out to perfection spelling of the word vogel (bird) gave me a deep satisfaction. My little boy can read, he can write, and he is really very, very funny. My little boy, you make mama laugh, and even better, you make my heart swell with love. I absolutely loved sharing such a funny moment with you!


Alison said...

What a great story!! I love little boys. My son does the exact same thing and laughs so hard!!
I think the rocket is a perfect gift..I would have loved it (as a mom!!)
Thanks for the kind comment on my post...it means alot!!

Jen said...

What language is that?

Ein Vogel war in ein Baum, aber der Baum war kaputt - this I know is German. (Please forgive my ending errors.)

Jen said...

Oh boy. Please, ignore me. It was Dutch (I read your introduction.)