New Year's Eve...2008 was upon us...we'd toasted with a bottle of sour champagne, set off a load of fireworks, and given our good wishes for the new year. And then, as oma and opa left the scene, oma told me, "Meid, sterkte morgen. En je weet dat ze nemen een stukje van je mee." (Girl (in a sweet way), have strength tomorrow. And you know that they take a piece of you with them."

I responded by telling her that yes, they always take a piece of me with them, always will. But having strength, well, that's the hard part.

This morning I woke up and first walked into my parents bedroom. Their beds were empty, staring back at me with no happy Good Morning, no promise of laughter and hugs and stories of the past. No promise of my boys being spoiled by grandparents that can't get enough of them. They weer simply gone, leaving only that little pice that they always leave behind...that piece that I always carry with me, wherever I am...their love, deep, satisfying, and perfect.

I feel a bit empty today. I miss my mom and dad more than I even imagined. It does get easier in one sense, the longer we're apart, as I don't remember the wonderful hugs, the scent of my mom in the morning, my dad's hat always forced upon his head. But in another sense, it never really gets any easier, as I long for those memories, those touches, and even more so for a closeness with my boys that can't be forged across the miles. But still, I always have that little piece, and that's the most important part.

Sterkte...yes, I am trying to have strength. But as I just went and made a cup of coffee for myself, there was noone else to ask "You wanna cup?" And it feels a bit gloomy and lonely. I am awaiting their call to tell me they made it home safe, so our lives can return to normal as we know it. It was a wonderful visit and I think we all truly enjoyed ourselves....and I'm glad I have that little piece to carry me through the coming days...

So, here's my mom and dad...and if you look REAL close, you just might even see the "little piece they took with them."

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Amanda said...

Tera I can imagine how hard it must be for you now that your parents have returned home. I really enjoyed getting to meet them this time they were here, they are both wonderful people and your dad is a real character! I think that is the only downside to living over here like we do, that you are so far away from your family... but their love will always be with you like you say.

Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas gifts too... Harry and Corne loved them and I think the vase is beautiful! It does match my kitchen perfectly! Thank you for everything!

Wishing you lots of sterkte also... until you see them again, soon I hope :)

Love and hugs,

Amanda xox