All About Kaeden

This weekend was Kaeden's end of year school party. He was excited about getting to go and partake in all the games, sit out and have a drink on his school grounds with his family, just share his school experience with mama, papa, Jari, oma and opa. Unfortunately, the weather gods were not with us. Dark grey clouds filled the sky and the ground became a mass of cold, wet puddles. Not at all the type of day he was anticipating. Not at all the type of day to go and enjoy a school party.

Still, Kaeden and I went early. His class was involved in the yearly play and we wanted to watch them dance and sing and say their lines. No, my son was not involved. Due to his behavior issues this year, his teachers felt that it was not something in which he could complete, and that was enough to put me on edge and settle me into a state of discomfort. I chose not to argue the point, but just let it be. Afterall, he really has had a lot of troubles at school, and I am not the one who has to deal with all the harrassment. With a group of autistic children, anything and everything coud go amiss, and why create an even greater stress for him and his teachers. So, we went to watch. We got there 20 minutes early and headed to the auditorium. Upon our arrival, the doors closed in front of us and we were informed that the auditorium was full. I was disappointed. Kaeden was disappointed. But there was nothing to do...20 minutes extra at a school play and it was full...do you know HOW big the school auditorium is? It is huge. And I am amazed that SO many people show up to share this day with their children. I am so glad that these little people, each with a handicap, each struggling to fit into society, are rewarded with the support and love of their families...so much support that we couldn't even fit in the room.

So, we waited for papa and Jari, oma and opa to join us at Kaeden's school, while we wandered around looking at displays, prsentations, and what all was offered. We had the oportunity to go into the high school, and I observed all the classes in which Kaeden will join in next year. I was so set against him being placed in a lower level educational bracket than the one I know that he could complete. This has had me tied in knots for months, but I finally gave in and agreed to place him in the lower level classes...simply, again, due to his behavior issues. See a pattern here? Behavior issues get in way of his success and opportunity...time and time again. Dang! Anyway, going into the classrooms, seeing the projexts and assignments, lessened my obstinate nature. It looks as if he will have things to do, challenges to complete, fun and work a good balance. As much as I would still love for him to work hard and be his best, seeing the classes in action gave me a better feeling than I have had about our decision in months. I think it will suit him, for now, until he finds his way and learns to fight through his autism, rather than crerate upheavel and disruption trying to figure it all out.

So, we bought tickets, the kids played a couple games, they ate a couple waffles, and we visited the store with handmade goodies. And then we came home to a Father's Day BBQ...in the rain and cold, but still yummy and wonderful being with those we care about...our family. And that is what is meaningful in life. Whether you are an autistic kid trying to figure out the world, or a mama fighting for what is best for her child, or a grampa just there to be supportive and see his grandchild on Father's Day, family and love and being there for one another is all that really and truly matters. The rest aways just falls into place, somehow, somewhere...but it's family that really makes all the difference. Feling a part of somehing, feeling secure, feeling loved and treasured...the only thing thmtters, th only thing important, the only thing we really and truly need.


Claudia said...

Family and love is all the matters, how absolutely Right you are woman.

Jen said...

Did it give you some peace of mind to see what he'll be doing next year? It sounds like it did.