Father's Day

I dedicate this post to my husband, the father of our two challenging boys, the same of whom bring us so many smiles...and give us reason to celebrate Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to the best papa in the world. We love you! But, what is it about you that we love?

I love the way you play soccer with Jari every chance you get. Even when he's whining to play more, more, more, you still take you few free minutes to kick him a few balls...he thinks you are his soccer hero. I love that.

I love the way you attend all of Kaeden's important appointments with me. Often, it gives me great insight into how much you truly care about our son. Though the two of you have a somewhat turmultous relationship, when I hear you state his positive qualities during these appointments, it fills my heart with faith and love.

I love how open you are to all our family days out. Our children are seeing so much and doing so many activities that many children don't have the chance to be involved in. Whether it is a visit to a zoo or park, a walk in the woods, family movie night, family game night, a trip to the car races, a camping trip, a giant parade or just a visit to family, we are always on the go during the weekends. We may not get a lot accomplished at home, but as a family, we are growing, and our children are learning from all they are able to see and do.

I love how you hang posters of flags of the world, play geography games, and teach our children that there is a world much greater than the little corner in which we live. Our children are growing up to be knowledgeable about other people, cultures, and countries. This is something I was never given the opportunity to learn as a child, and I am happy that my children have a father who brings this to their attention.

I love when you go grocery shopping, and bring home a treat for the kids 'just because'...the just becasue is because you love them, and though they don't get special surprises on a daily basis, you do it just enough to let them know that they are important, and they can excitedly await their next surprise from papa.

I love hearing you read to Jari when you tuck him in at night, and I listen through the walls to hear which direction your conversation will turn at the end of the day. Sometimes I hear you discussing school matters, sometimes sports, sometimes telling him stories about your own youth. Those are moments in which I don't even take part in which I treasure.

I love when I am gone for an evening, come home, and ask how it went, and you tell me that it went really well and BOTH boys were good. It makes me happy that I can feel confident in leaving them with a dad just as competent as their mama, and know that you are building a bond with your boys that will last a lifetime.

I love when you persuade the boys to talk to my parents on the phone when they call. As much as both of them often despise talking on teh phone, it is important in them keeping a bond with the grandparents they don't regularly see, and it amazes me how in tune youa re to the needs of this bonding with their grandparents.

There are so many more reasons that I am glad we came together to share the responsibility of parenting thee two beautiful children God put in our care. You deserve a special day devoted just to you, complete with a handmade Papa tie and bacon sandwiches for breakfast AND lunch. You are the only man I would choose to be papa to our children. You are truly a wonderful man, a wonderful example of what a papa is supposed to be. Thank you for being a role model for our sons, for giving and giving to our family, and helping me realize time and again that when I chose you to be my husband, I made the right choice.

I love you...we love you. Happy Father's Day!


Claudia said...

Our men, when we find a good one, make everything so worthwhile, don't they...sounds like you have a winner. Tell I said Happy Father's day! (Love the tie, btw!)

Jade said...

What a beautiful post.. I know I've said it before, but one of my favorite things about you is the fact that you are able to see so much beauty around you. Thats something many people are unable to do. Its such a gift, and I'm glad you're able to see all that you do.

Hope you, the boys, and hubby have/had a great Fathers Day!

Jen said...

It's always so nice to see posts like this - from the heart.

Happy Father's Day!