The Test Report

Jari came home with his end of year tests and report card today. He's a champ when it comes to school work and we have no reason (at this point) to have any worries. What we do have reason to do, with that son of ours, is laugh uncontrollably until tears flow down our face. So, I was looking over his test with him. Few errors, but the ones he made were careless, stupid little things...reason for me to believe he just wasn't in the mood kind of mistakes. So, no real big deal. Suddenly I get to a page of math. Halving and doubling numbers. The top portion of the test is perfect...the bottom portion, oh, not so much. He has 4 errors out of 10 questions. Not something consistent with his normal self. And then I see 'the note'. On the portion of the page for teachers comments, in little boy Jari handwriting is a note: Well Done! 0 Wrong! (and I might add that Well Done was misspelled as well...spelled how it sounds, but still incorrect, just to give you a visual!) ***Goed Gudaan! 0 F!

And on top of Jari's perfect handwriting in the teacher box, is his note all crossed out in red pen with two !! exclamation points after his words!

I don't think Mrs. Teacher was impressed with his mistakes...but oh, how he made me laugh. I can only imagine, the entire time he's taking his test, just waiting to be done with it so he can pen in his note, worrying not about the correct answers, but thinking about the little score he's going to give himself...his mind not on math, but his view of his perfection! He is going to break some hearts sometime. He's already done one (mama's) in for good. But the teacher, ehhh, I'm not SOOOO sure?!


Claudia said...

* giggles * Oops. Out of the mouth of babes!!

Alison said...

cute story Tera, and the pillow one below is cute also!!