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I am such a proud mommy!!! Got both my boys' school reports and they both had terrific reports. Makes me very happy. Jari is moving on to second grade, while, get this, Kaeden hits high school (7th grade for us Americans). Last night we attended Kaeden's grade school graduation and I couldn't help but choke back a few tears. The director gave her little speech and Jari had me cracking up again. She mentioned in her speech about having helped these little people grow up and stand on their own legs...I look over at Jari and see him standing there one foot held high as he tells me that he can stand on just one leg! At least he was listening even if the meaning went right out the other ear! kaeden was very subdued the entire evening. It was what I refer to an autistic event. I couldn't touch him without him pulling away, couldn't congratulate him without him staring through me. But it was still very meaningful and he wouldn't allow his diploma to leave his hands. What hit me the most was when the director mentioned the faith and trust we put in the teachers and the school. While my faith slacked numerous times throughout this past year, I still gave my child over to these people I barely knew. His emotional, mental, and physical health was in their hands. And he came out stronger than when he entered. And I came to know and respect two amazing women. Teachers are amazing people. They have hearts of gold, and the amount of love and commitment they give our children is outstanding. It is a very honorable profession, and I am glad I was able to be part of that life, if only shortly. I miss being in a classroom, interacting with children, helping them learn and watching them grow. Being the one they come to when they scrpae their knee, or asking with help tying their shoe. I miss the daily contact with children, being seen as a hero in their eyes. But, I am so grateful both our children had teachers who gave so much to help our boys be their best. Thank you! So, one day to go and summer vacation is upon us. The sun is definitely marking this special time of year. This afternoon Jari's bookbag was filled to the brim with all of his workbooks and goodies. Earlier in the week, Kaeden struggled carrying his backpack home. I look through their work and can't believe the amount of learning that is accomplished in one short school year. How much knowledge they have acquired, how much they have been subjected to. And then I think about my own childhood days of books and pens and paper and school, and know just how far they have yet to go, how much more they will learn, not from books and papers, but from life experiences. And one I will never forget is standing in a room filled with parents, teachers, and graduates, all relieved and proud, taking a step into another new adventure, more experiences, more learning and more life.

Congratulations My Riley Boy!!!


lottery said...

Nice blog. Thats all.

Claudia said...

Congrats to you proud mother, bask in the glory that is ALL yours. HUGE hugs to ALL of you from the Cape!!! WOOT!

Jen said...

Congratulations both of you!!