Hospital Visit & Orange Belt

Life sure tends to keep us entertained. Sometimes not in the happiest ways possible. Last night, we ended up in the emergency room yet again. Jari and I were biking home after having a fun afternoon shopping for birthday gifts together (he's got a party to attend this afternoon...or not?). We stopped off to get bread and as we started home again, Jari's foot stuck between the spokes on my bike. He was screaming in pain and I panicked as I looked at his swollen mass of foot all bloody and bruised with skin hanging open. I walked the bike the rest of the way home and settled my screaming boy on the couch. I called my friend Sharon to come and take us to the ER and then called Erwin to tell him what was happening. Sharon got here just as Kaeden did, so it worked out well and we headed to the hospital. They took x-rays (twice) but can't quite determine if there is a break. They think it's just badly sprained and has a lot of wound abrasions. He can't walk, and we're not to force it, but return back to the doctor on Tuesday for a follow-up. If he's still having trouble, they'll look into a break again. I feel miserably guilty. Yes, he was in his child seat, yes it has footholders, but no, I didn't strap him in...and no, a few months back he broke off my foot protectors that cover the spokes and we haven't replaced them. Lessons learned....always too late. I just hope he's okay...and that he can walk again soon. Carrying him to school and the to the activity this morning, I realized how heavy he's getting!!!
In other, more positive news, Kaeden took his Judo test and passed!!!! I am so proud of him. He's now an orange belt and he's pretty happy with himself. I'm hoping to have some kind of treat to celebrate his success tonight. Way to go, kiddo!

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Oh, that's awful! Ouch!