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I finally got to talk to my dad and wish him a Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day (yeah, they were the same day this year). I always enjoy talking to my dad because I don't get the chance to do it often enough. He's always working when I'm up and about, so it was nice to catch him for his quick hello before he headed off to the woods. My dad is a logger and has been since before my birth. We lived in the woods when I was a child and I grew up knowing the woods as my home. It was a childhood filled with nature and pinecone friends and fallen log horses, watching beavers build their dens and roasting marshmallows over an open fire. It was a paradise for a child, and I had freedom offered to me at my doorstep. I was among the elk and deer, swimming in the lakes with cow pies and covered in dirt at the end of each day. My dad now enjoys sharing his love of nature with my children, my husband, and me again, whenever the opportunity arises. We no longer sleep in a tent, but he's moved up to a camper, and we no longer walk to bring dad his lunch and call out timber watching him fall trees, but we ride on his forwarder or skidder or four wheelers, all of which bring my children a complete thrill. He's a very busy man, but admits freely he couldn't survive without the stress his life offers him. He's gone from working for a lumber company, to being a small-business operator with large company customers. I am so proud of all he has accomplished, and in turn, been able to offer me and my family. For his special day, I wrote him this poem. This says it all, about what he has given me, and what living in his world means. Happy Birthday Dad, and Happy Father's Day, too. You truly are a one of a kind father.

How Far To The Mountain, Daddy?
Dedicated to my dad on June 17th, 2007

How far to the mountain daddy?
How far can it be?
It looks so far looming over us
But it’s really not you see.
For that mountain and the trees and elk
They are a part of you.
They’ll never leave your heart or thoughts
No matter where you go or what you do.
Every time you smell the pine
The life of those trees out there
You’ll have a little tug at your heart
Because this is the life that we share.
And every time you see clear blue skies
Home will call out to your memories
Those long days playing in our woods
Branches rustling in the breeze.
And every time you hear the stillness
Of this great big wilderness
A peace will envelop you
And you’ll feel no more stress.
And every time an elk or deer
Wanders past you, a glimpse through the trees
You’ll think of that moment just before dark
A beauty so freeing, you’ll be at ease.
And every time you come across a stream
You’ll want to have a look
At the trout waving from the water
Whether or not you’ve got your pole and hook.
And stepping through berries in the woods
Can’t wait to have a taste
Fresh from nature, oh so good
And no need to watch your waist.
So these mountains looming over us
They aren’t so far at all you see
For these mountains are so big and grand
And they’ve formed the woman you’ve turned out to be.
They bring you peace and comfort
And wonderful memories
Pieces of the life you’ve led
From summers warmth to winter’s freeze.
And because I am your daddy
And pass through here every day
I get to chase these memories
Like butterflies at play.
So, how far to the mountain, daddy?
How far can it be?
Just look into your heart and life
And the answer is plain to see.

To My ‘Daddy’, the man that brings nature alive, and keeps a special place in my heart open to all those memories. How far to the mountain, daddy? How far can it be? My heart promises me that it’s very close, wouldn’t you agree? And since the mountain is so close, and I know that’s where you are, I know you are so very close too, in my heart you’re never far. Happy Birthday Dear Dad! Happy Father’s Day To A True Man of the Mountains! And the best daddy any little girl could hope to learn from, and as for dad’s go? Well, you’ve reached the very top, way up there where trees can no longer grow! I love you...thanks for being mine! Love, Tera Michele

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