The Last Day

Today is one of those days. It's a day when your heart pumps a little harder, from excitement but also sadness. It's like one journey is complete but another is awaiting you. You can't help but think back to this journey and remember all the wonders of it, each special moment, all the milestones, but then look ahead to what waits you in the coming segment of your life. I'm feeling torn between two journey's today as my baby steps into his very last day at kleuterschool (kindergarten). Tears keep welling up in my eyes as I think about the boy he has become. 3 years ago I brought him for the very first day to his school, crying and not wanting to let mama go, still in a diaper and just a teensy little person that didn't even reach my waist. Today, as I took him into his classroom for the very last day of his play years in school, I wished him a terrific last day at kleuterschool. His eyes lit up as a little giggle escaped his mouth, and the ensuing smile was evidence that he's happily moving onto a new phase in his life. Each day as I drop him off at school, I watch my five year old bound happily toward his friends on the playground, but he never fails to give me a goodbye kiss and tight hug before he takes off. He no longer needs me to hold his hand and bring him right to the doorway, like he did at the ripe age of 2 1/2. But, he's still my little bug, and still caters to his mama's needs. But what will tomorrow bring? I can't stand to think about him growing even bigger, knowing even more, leaving me behind as he finds his way in this great big world. He's my baby, there's no other child to follow in his footsteps, no more children to wave at me from the kleuterschool playground as I bike away, no more boys to chase me along the fence and climb it to give me one last kiss before I leave. I'm going to miss this journey.

Congratulations my little bug, on a wonderful kleutertijd. I hope that as you move forth onto the grote school, your life will only be enriched with more wonderful things...reading and science, writing stories and doing math tables...and through it all, don't forget that you will always be my little bug, the sweet little boy that held my pinkie as we walked towards your first day at kleuterschool all those years back, who couldn't let go of mama and always, always met me with hugs and kisses at the gate when it was time to pick you up. I'll be here for you still, and for always, as we start the next journey together. XO


Amanda said...

wow... time flys doesnt it? It dawned on me that I too will have to go through this with Harry. I hope Harry learns to love it as much as Jari has. :)

tlawwife said...

What a sweet little boy you have.