Locked Out

Last night was my last choir practice of the season...but we didn't sing. We took a 25km bike ride through forests I have never gone to discover on my own, then stopped for drinks at a cafe...and after debating for the whole day about whether I was gonna go or not, I had a complete and total blast!!! We traded off riding in pairs and I talked to some of the members I have never done any more than smile at. I had a Leffe (my fave beer) and shared lots of laughter with the sopranos. And in a comment that I mentioned how much I love raspberries, I was promised a container filled with them fresh picked from the garden...and this morning, I got them!!! Yum! But, once I got home, excited to tell my husband about my adventures (and about the preschool teacher drinking a bit too much and riding in the ditch filled with mud and water) I couldn't get in my house. It was locked up solid, and dark, and I didn't have my keys (reminding Erwin to leave the back door unlocked does no good when a kiddo locks it anyway). So, there i am, feeling energetic and frisky, with thoughts of sleeping in the yard flowing through my brain. I threw rocks at windows, I screamed for help, I pounded on wndows and rattled doors, but noone came to my rescue. I was stranded. Finally, resigning myself to the fact that I'd just have to wait til Er woke up, I went to get a drink from teh fridge...one last beer to end the night. And then, I hear the rattle of keys adn the door springs open. I was in luck...some of my noise must have alerted the corners of my husband's brain!

We stayed up talking til 2 and finally hit the sack. It was a great night and made me realize I need to get out biking more. I totally love doing it, I feel strong and powerful, and I sweat which gives me a feeling of accomplishing something, and there's so much unchartered territory to discover. And then, when I looked for my keys this afternoon, I found them outside...hahaha...where Jari left them. If only I had known then what I know now...

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Amanda said...

Hi Tera, sorry to hear that you got locked out... I know that feeling very well! :( I am glad you had a great day out cycling with your choir group... I bet it was heaps of fun! You have been tagged by the way... better check out my blog and see what it is :) HUGS Love ya! Amanda xox