What it means to be a Mama

What a day. I picked Jari up from school at lunch with plans to head to the hospital for the following procedure on his foot. But, when I picked him up, I noticed he looked, well, white as a sheet, you might say. We got home and he asked me to carry him to the couch. He told me he was freezing and I wrapped a blankie around him, returned to get him a drink, and came back to a soundly sleeping baby. He woke to puke and use the toilet, his skin burning with fever. He fell immediately back to sleep after taking tylenol, something he just won't do...unless...you guessed it, he is really sick. I called the docotr to reschedule the appointment, nervous because this is a serious affair that we were going to miss. They scheduled me for late next week, until I grumbled enough about needing to get in this week, and somehow they found an opening for Friday. Okay, good...but it's at the same time Kaeden's bus gets home...what is a mama to do? I kept the appointment; Kaeden will have to wait for us in the yard, and I can worry he won't stay there until I am home again to find him safe and sound where he should be.

Jari slept until 4:30 feeling a bit perkier. Kaeden got home and we ran to get money for his doctor appointment...which I had planned to do after Jari's, but helaas pindakaas. So, we get to Kaeden's appointment just in time. Doc tells me about the test results of his bladder, everything looks okay, but he's just unable to relax enough to urinate and we need to try ot keep him on the toilet longer; maybe give him a book to read. He does an ultrasound on Kaeden's intestines...they are once again nearly completely blocked. He writes a prescription for an enema and fiber. Once again. Then I tell him about the pain he's having on his heel, and how he can sometimes barely walk. He checks it out and tells me he's got Sever disease. Huh? Yep, many kids in adolescence have it...the Achilles-tendon stretches from the bone due to a growth spurt, and causes tiny fractures in the heel. Not much you can do but apply anti-inflamatory medication and use a special rubber sole. He wrote the prescription, and assured me it would be worth getting to limit the pain which he'll most likely have until after his adolescent growth period. Great!!!! Next I asked about his constant sniffling. He gets out his allergy testing kit, pricks Kaeden with different solutions, sets the timer for five minutes, and we all look at his skin. Within seconds, a bump appears...and not the test bump. The bump comes from grasses, different kinds of prairie grasses. He's allergic to grass. Great! Another prescription...May to July every year. And then, as the doc is writing the prescriptions for his regular meds, Jari asks me to hold him. I feel his cheek...hot. He asks if we can go home and he can lay down. Yep, the tylenol has worn off...

It's a day in the life of a mama...and know what? I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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