I have been banned from the backyard. My husband took some art supplies outside with him, and my two little guys, and informed me that he is in my NO ENTER zone! I am assuming this is because the top secret for tomorrow is being created by loving hands and hearts. And oh, how I want to enter the NO ENTER zone, see what is being created, be a part of this little creative activity. But I cannot indulge for today...but when my eyes open tomorrow, on Mother's Day...I am in for a big treat. There is no gift more touching than something made by loving hands and loving hearts. And I can't wait to see just what this year's NO ENTER zone has turned out. Whatever it may end up being, I know that I will love it to the ends of the earth and back...and in that moment of it's opening, as I glance at my husband with a little smile, I will love him just that little touch more as well. It's the little things...little boys, little hands, little pieces of love, and a little idea which takes off and becomes something almost too big and bold for my heart to hold. I can't wait until tomorrow!! Even if every day is truly Mother's Day!

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Amanda said...

I hope you had a lovely mothers day Tera! HUGS Amanda xox :)