Erwin is upstairs with Jari at the moment. I can't help but laugh. Jari had a question about what Pi is (yeah, the Greek number 3.14....). Erwin loves all that technical stuff. So, he is excited to share something new with his son. He gets a paper and pen and draws a circle. He asks jari what 3.14X6 is...yeah, Jari is learning subtracting above 10, but let's throw multiplication in the mix, shall we, just for good measure (hahaha, I tickle myself funny!). Anyway, the conversation is taking a very advanced turn as Jari measures the circle and Erwin simplifies the mathmatics by asking what 1 times 1 is, then 2 times 1...which Jari answers correctly. Erwin shows him Pi, the sign and the number, explaining this Greek number (after he checked his facts on Wikipedia)...

As Erwin and Jari discussed this new mathematic concept, I proudly entered the room with my contribution....Erwin's t-shirt, with a Big Ole Pi symbol and the numbers...can you guess which of us is more mathematically challenged? And even with the advanced nature of the concept of Pi, I can only imagine it will be somthing he will never forget...like father, like son...and with the little help of technology in the form of a quick glance at Wikipedia, there's no way you can go wrong!


Maddy said...

I know somebody else who might enjoy that T-shirt and yah! for Wikipedia, we'd be lost without it.

We had a similar experience with negative numbers - not easy to explain to a speech delayed 4 year old, or should that be a 'math delayed parent!'

Claudia said...

LOVE that shirt!!!!