You've just gotta say:

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will

And the road you travel seems all uphill...
DON'T QUIT!!!! Don't quit. Don't quit. Don't quit!

But maybe, laying in your bed and pulling the covers over your head is a good way to hide away from it all for awhile.


Claudia said...

Sometimes, even better, you just have to say, "What the fuck." and grab a big bottle of wine, a thick blanket and a lawn chair and sit under the stars. Alone. :) ♥ you

Tammy said...

I have to agree... with both you and claudia!


Jen said...

I prefer sitting in the corner of whatever room is closest sucking on my thumb in my mouth, rocking back and forth, and whimpering.

Anonymous said...

I SOOOOO needed this today!!! It was my first day on the telephone line at work today and I just felt like a total idiot all day and I just wanted to QUIT!! Now, you told me not to, so I guess I won't :P

Love ya, Tera. *HUG*


Alison said...

sorry Tera...I hope it gets better soon..