Hooray! I AM A Sunshine!

I am happy! It is my party! Hooray, it is fine, that Jesus wants to be my friend. I'm starting all over again today, because Jesus is now in my heart. I feel happy, I feel fine! I am a sunshine! I shine!!!

And shine he did. My littlest love all dressed in his Sunday best, blue eyes sparkling, yawning throughout the service...was it boredom, was he tired, or was he completely at ease and relaxed? Whatever it was, he had mama and papa in stitches as we sat and watched him receive this most sacred blessing, the body of Christ. The service was upbeat and child-friendly, which made it fun for everyone. Jari and all his little friends...what a special day! Our little church filled, standing room only as family and friends crowded in wishing us all the best for our child and our family. Lots of kisses, lots of hands shaken, lots of smiles and laughter on the most beautiful day we have experienced this year. Jesus was in all our hearts.

The priest prayed to God, asking Him to help us raise our children to be good adults. To be a shining model for them in their lives. Thanked Him for being there in times of peace, sadness, good and bad times. He recognized the pain in being a parent, trying to do our best, not always sure what is best, not ever simple. But we need to be the sun for our little sunshines. Teach them, love them, help them along in life. And the message is clear. No matter how difficult, it is the most important job in the world. We must do our best, keep doing our best, and it will all be okay in the end.

Here are some pictures of our special day, and the party that followed for both our little children of God. It was super...friends, family, good food, warm sunshine, and fun! What more could we ask for?


ChrisB said...

It was lovely to share this very special day with your family.

Alison said...

what a wonderfully special day....didn't Kaeden make his Confirmation also!! Congrats to both your little men, they are so handsome!!