A Few Things

We had a good, but busy weekend. My Saturday was completely filled with soccer. Jari had his last tournament of the season and played awesome! He is really fun to watch. But we spent the entire day in the blistering heat and all got a bit much sun. Sunday, on Mother's Day, our plans quickly changed from going to the middle age festival to staying home. Kaeden had a bad morning and we knew it would be useless to try and accomodate his needs. So, we stayed home. And it was really wonderful! The boys hid my mommy gifts in the yard and I searched and found them...perfectly handmade little treasures that touch my heart. My husband gave me a Senseo (Yippeee!) and some cappuccino to go with it, as well as having helped the kids create some containers for coffee pads, decorated with their own artwork.
I talked to my mom on the phone, we played games in the yard, and then I made a trasure hunt for the kids through our town. They had so much fun! For dinner we each made our own specially tailored pizzas and they were so yummy! And the boys loved that they could make it to their own liking. In the evening, Erwin and I watched I Am Legend and it was just a relaxing and peaceful day all around. A perfect mommy day!

Monday was also a holiday here so we headed to the open day at the local milking farm. It was so interesting learning all about milk production and the cows. Hearing the farmer you could tell how proud he was of his stock and his farm. I learned a lot and the kids even got to make their own butter. That was fun! We then went to Helmond and visited Erwin's sister and her boyfriend, spending the afternoon relaxing in the heat yet again. As we said goodbye to them, we headed to oma and opa's where we BBQed for dinner and wished oma a Happy Mother's Day as well. It was a really easy and nice day. The kdis fell asleep in the car on the way home and jari snuggled tight against me...perfection!

This morning I called the doctor with a few questions. I have been really feeling down the past few days as well as so tired I can do nothing other than feel as if I need to sleep. I thought maybe it has something to do with getting the implant out of my arm. It seems that I could be correct. My body is adjusting to the hormones being withdrawn. I am so snappy and impatient and just feel as if the entire world is sitting on my shoulders. I hope the withdrawl symptoms end soon as I have been doing so, so well the past months and now that I know what it means to be truly happy, I don't like this living down in the dumps feeling one little bit. Plus my husband and kids are probably ready to strangle me as I cry at the drop of a hat, get mad over nothing, and feel just really witchy.

This mornign I helped Jari make a card for his little friend for the birthday party he will be attending this afternoon. Since I was so tired yesterday I never made it to the store to buy a gift and got this brilliant idea to just create something with money instead. I think it turned out really good! I may have to use that idea more often!!!

This weekend Jari will spend in Helmond with his aunt and grandparents. That means Erwin, Kaeden, and I will have some quality time as well. I am looking forward to spoiling our son and enjoying time with just him. I don't know what we'll do yet, but I hope that Kaeden will shine from all the attention he will receive. And I already know that JAri will in the hands of his greatest fans, and be granted his every wish on a golden platter!!!

So, that's the news from around here. Nothing exciting, but the reality of my life!!


Jen said...

I'm glad you had a good mother's day!

Claudia said...

Don't you ever wonder who the first person was to crawl under a cow, squeeze the udder and think, "Hey, wonder what happens if I yank on this?" Just thinking...

Alison said...

I love that card Tera...what a great idea!!