I'm Moving

This morning I got Jari ready for school. As I sat him down at the table for breakfast, I asked if he wanted a sandwich, hot cereal, or 'the special cereal gramma sent him'. That would be part of what he discovered in the box my mom sent them filled with special surprises...and included his favorite cereal, Fruity Pebbles (which are not available here in EU). As I poured his bowl of cereal, his inevitable choice, I asked why he liked Fruity Pebbles so much? Was it the taste of them, all the cool colors, or Fred Flinstone? He told me they just taste yummy, then went on to add that they are also colorful and that Fred Flinstone is also cool. The ultimate cereal...it has everything! I then proceeded to tell him that Fruity Pebbles are also Uncle Trevor's favorite cereal. He gets this big grin on his face and asks if he likes them cuz they taste good, or cuz they are colorful, or cuz he likes Fred Flinstone? I told him he'd have to ask Uncle Trevor about that. Then he gets this huge grin on his face, those little twinkles of uncovering this huge discovery, and he says "Well, I am gonna ask Uncle Trevor why he likes Fruity Pebbles, and then I am gonna go live with him and we can eat Fruity Pebbles all day!!!" His mouth filled with colored rocks releaseda little giggle as he pondered his new thought. Yes, Fruity Pebbles...the ultimate morning uplifter!

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Claudia said...

My kids are on a Honey Comb binge. I'd be happy to send you come Pebbles ANY time you need a new fix for the wee ones!!! :)