It is cold! Very cold, and snowy. A little winter wonderland complete with fluffy layers of crisp, white snow. Absolutely beautiful as I look out my back window, watching it cover the plants and ground completely in a thick blanket of cushiony softness. Not just a dusting, but a complete snowy world, probably 5 inches deep. Since I have lived in Europe, I have missed the snow. It used to be that by the end of winter I was so sick of seeing snow and being cold, of the dangerous driving and wet floors from pulling off snow-covered boots, from trying to find lost mittens and collecting scarves and hats where I went. But it is something I have missed, having just little dustings that bring gray skies and filthy mud-covered streets, perils for cars and children walking to school, but without that added fun of a true snowstorm. A covering of snow where you can't wait to don hats, scarves, mittens and boots and jump into piles of snow, make a snow angel or have a snowball fight. Where you know your face will turn pink with cold, you'll be complaining of frozen toes, but it's all okay cuz you also know that once you've had your snowy fun you'll head back into the house for a hot chocolate with melty-marshmallows and warm up under a blanket on the couch watching a film and feeling all cozy from the cold, crisp air mixed with the comfort of the inside heating and steam rising from your mug. Mmmmm, winter perfection, that cozy feeling.

The boys and I woke to this winter wonderland, and while Kaeden leaped outside to create snowballs to throw at mama, Jari was more hesitant to partake in the goodness of this white world. "My shoes will be all wet. The snow comes over my shoes. It is cold. I don't like the snow." All the while walking on tiptoes through our footprints in the snow trying not to get covered. However, by lunchtime, his tune had changed, and when walking home for lunch I asked if he'd like to help mama make a snowman, he was more than a little enthusiastic. We got right down to business, making our snowballs for his body and head, then added a carrot nose and leaf eyes and a tomato mouth. And while putting on the finishing touches, my tentative son began giggling as he threw snowballs at mama. We laughed and played and chased each other around the yard in it's winter glory, fully enjoying this cold and snowy experience, one which Jari has never known to exist. It was like stepping abck in time to my own childhood, hours of outdoor snow fun, making igloos, playing Fox and Geese, skiing and ice skating. It was wonder, and I saw that on my son's face as well. My only regret was that Kaeden wasn't here to share in our fun, as snow is a favorite of his, and by the time he arrived home from school it was already dark and we couldn't enjoy it fully.

Jari and I went into the house, pulled off our wet shoes (HE refuses boots), left a trail of mittens, hats and scarves as we entered the warmth of our home. "You want a hot chocolate with melty-marshmallows to warm up?" I asked my little guy. "YUM! Melty-marshmallows...mmmmmmm" he replied licking his lips with a smile on his face. And we sat chatting to Papa about our adventures drinking our cup of cozy, our cheeks still cold from the winter, but our hearts warm with the thrill of a day of snow and fun.


Amanda said...

It is beautiful isn't it Tera! Harry loves playing in the snow too... on the way to the speelzaal this morning he asked for a blanket because he got cold walking so far... hahahaha cute. Looks like your having a great time with your boys in the snow... love the hot chocolates! :)

Jade said...

You just totally shared a smile with me! And if you know me, "share a smile" is one of my life motto's. What a wonderfully written piece :-) Ohhh how I wish it snowed here. Instead I have to drive about an hour to get to the cold white stuff.

I love that your boys are having fun with it, but sorry you're missing your type of snow. Hehe, definitely doesn't look like a dusting over there thats for sure. Being the California girl that I am I think I would freeze to death over there. It was only 43 here yesterday and I thought I was going to freeze into a block! hehe I'm a sissy in the cold. But..lol also in the hot. You can't win with me. ;-)

Hope you guys are having a wonderfully warm afternoon!

Jen R. (aaron-n-jen.com) said...

Sometimes I just totally love winter and how it makes me feel all cozy with my kids.