The Inauguration

It was breathtaking. It brought tears. It brought laughter and hope. The inauguration of our new president, an historical event I shared with my sons, one which they will remember as a special moment in their books of life. They stood to salute the flag. The waved their flag as the crowds waved theirs. They listened to the speech President Obama delivered, Jari even commenting on how the 'th' sound was made. Kaeden watched me and asked if I was happy or sad as tears streamed down my cheeks. I told him this is a day in America that noone will forget. This is a day in which Americans are forced to look their part of disaster in the eye. Americans are forced to come together beyond bounds of race, religion, or belief. We have a new president. We have hope. Yes we do! And the promise of cake at the end was also plenty motivating!!!

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Jade said...

I got teary myself listening to it on the radio on my way to work. It was a beautiful speech and a moment that felt like it brought the world together.

Tera it was so nice to talk to you today!!!!! I only wish that my phone hadn't cut out in the hills like it did. Hopefully I didn't blow you away with all the information. One of these days, if you ever get yahoo messenger downloaded we can talk for free and I can be at home. We can also set up another phone "date" when I won't have to leave the house. Like next Tuesday morning! I'm free until 9pm your time on the 27th. So think about it...and lemme know.

Also...it would be nice just to talk to you. Get to know my friend better. Don't get me wrong you know I have tons to share about your little man, but I would love for you to share more about you!

Let me know how my idea worked for you. Stay strong! Stay firm! And STAY CONSISTENT!!!! Even if dad has to use his man voice. ;-)

Much love and best wishes to you my friend!