Kaeden is 14.

From This......

To This.

And it only took 14 years to get here. Happy Birthday my Riley Boy. I don't know how it happened, but I love you even more today than all those years ago when we first met.


Amanda said...

Awwwh Tera that photo is gorgeous! I have never seen baby photos of Kaeden before. You still look the same after 14 years! Kaeden on the other hand has grown into a handsome young man. Happy Birthday Kaeden! We hope you have a great day today! Lots of love, Amanda, Corné and Harry xox :)

Jade said...

Wow... Time flies by doesn't it? And what a journey it has been!

I hope you guys had a wonderful day :-).

I'm back on blogger. I thought of a solution toy privacy invasion.

Big hugs my friend

Jade said...

Hey you! Hope you guys had a great time on Ks birthday. I actually just woke up from having a dream about you and I walking through target together talking and drinking pepsi's. Hehe. So I thought I'd drop you a notebto let you know when are great times to try to call me and catch me given our 8 hr time difference. So.. I'll be free at 8 am my time 4 pm your time and then again at 8 pm your time. Both times probably smack dab in the middle of mommy duties but I thought I'd try! And thurs you can get me anywhere from 630pm your time until 11 pm your time. Haha! Time differences are a trip.

Hope you are well my friend. Thanks for stoppin by my dream!

Jade said...

I just realized I should give dates for the times I gave you. Sine there is a time difference and you probably don't know it's 2 am here and saying tomorrow and meaning today haha.

If you can call on the 13th or 14th. ;-)