Hello From Jari

I thought it was fun at Kaeden's birthday party. The Haunted House rollercoaster was the best. And the second best was the bumper cars. I also liked when we threw snowballs and made a snowman. That was fun. Now my snowman fell down dead. Why are you writing that in English? I am telling you in Dutch. I don't see gevallen. Where is that in English?

I made a picture for Kaeden's birthday and the cake was very yummy. The cake I ate yesterday.

I am reading in school and I am doing math. I made things about Jesus today in school. I made sheep and an ox and Jesus. I colored them and then I cut them out and I got sticks from my teacher. And then I taped them on the sticks and they are puppets.

from jari

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tlawwife said...

How cute! I especially like the English comment.