Almost England

Just three days to go. And I haven't really even begun to consider what that means as far as being ready with suitcases packed and tickets in hand. Heck, I'm in a state of denial. I think the problem with this trip is that I am packing for one week for Jari and I without the option of traveling with a suitcase...we can only take carry-ons and that seems quite a chore....and as for Kaeden, well, I've got 6 weeks of packing for him to do. How to manage? How to manage?

I have no idea what we're going to do while in England. I worry a bit about the prospect of two busy boys cooped up in a tiny house with an 88 year old woman for a week. Are there playgrounds in the neighborhood? Can we find a swimming pool nearby? Will anybody be available to help us figure out public transport if things get too hot and bothered staying with my aunt? I mean, really, I don't epect any problems or I'd never planned to go, but still, a week is a long time without computer games to keep them busy, their dvd's to watch, or games and toys to gather in every hook of the house. My aunt hasn't had children in her house in 40 years...will my kids be able to survive in a postage-stamp yard for a week?

I'm excited about seeing my mom. She's coming half-way through our trip to be there to celebrate my birthday with me. What kind of birthday will I have this year? I have no clue how English birthdays are celebrated, so that'll be a cultural surprise I'm really looking forward to. And being with extended family on the day will be nice, but my husband won't be there...will he miss me? We'll celebrate upon my return home, but my baby won't be with me...it's going to be so hard. Saying goodbye to this little being I have had with me by my side nearly daily since his birth is not going to be easy. Five weeks without my Riley boy...I can't imagine what that is going to be like...a bit more peaceful, a bit less rowdy, but just not the same. Though his antics sometimes drive me up the wall, he certainly brings a sense of energy and excitement to our home. I'm going to msis him to pieces...seriously.

Anyway, I have 3 days before our flight leaves Holland to cover the distance across the north sea. Three short days to figure out how to pack and prepare myself mentally for all this trip will bring. It's going to be an emotional roller coaster...hello mama, goodbye little boy, happy birthday to me, i miss you honey, let's play ANOTHEr game of stop and go...

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tlawwife said...

As you know we are middle of nowhere type of people and we had no trouble with the tube system. It is basically very simple. The hardest part is not getting swept up with the people who are moving fast.

If you can afford it my kids say the London Eye shouldn't be missed. It was being maintained while I was there.

I would not recommend the London tower particularly.

I have never felt a lot of difference between us and the English and know you will be fine.

I think you will love the one on one time with Jari. I used to love sending my children with someone else giving me one on one time. Although I must admit I never did that long.