Sitting Here

Thinking...how has my life come to this? I just sent Erwin and Jari to the city to take care of some last minute city hall business that can't wait til we return next week...yeah, I lost a couple bills that HAVE to be paid by July 31. Where oh where did they go? I had them in my purse before I left for England, but what the heck did I do with them when I repacked my purse fior our trip??? I have no idea...have searched the house 3 times over but they have not resurfaced. I'll feel more settled leaving when those bills are paid. BUT, Erwin didn't leave until 11:50...it's closed at 12...yep, if he gets that accomplished I'll be amazed.

So, where are we going? Yes, we're off on another vacation. WHAT? ANOTHER??? Yes, we are vacation fanatics and staying home when we could be out exploring just isn't in our vocabulary. So, Jari will be enjoying 3 nights with oma and opa while Erwin adn I head to Sauerland in Germany. We're staying at a quaint little B&B which is something we've never done before...we like our privacy. But, those B&B's are so reasonable and provide a good start to the day in the form of breakfast...before we take off hiking in the tree covered forests and mountains I can't wait to smell. I love the smell of uninhabited woods. I love the sight of mountains looming above me and valleys that I can peer into filled with lush green trees. I love the clean air and the fresh coolness of the mountain regions. It reminds me of home. And so, when given the choice to go anywhere I wanted with my husband for our little break away, I chose the mountains...not Paris, not Rome, not Vienna...just the mountains...peaceful, fresh, and beautiful. I think we're going to have a nice few days away. I'm looking forward to the time to rebond with my husband, discover secrets that I never knew, hear his laughter, ad take time to listen to him speak...and to look at him over the breakfast table, leisurely drinking a second cup of coffee, deep in his green eyes as the love I feel for him stirs something inside me...the reminded of why I fell in love with him in teh first place and the knowledge of why I am blessed to have him by my side now, through the ups and downs of marriage and family and autism and parenting and bills and a home...yes, the reality of life. My husband is someone I treasure. I hope to really store our reality and live for each moment with him by my side in the coming few days. It's amazing what a few days away can do to regenerate that playful butterfly feeling of those days when we first met...

But, I have laundry to wash, suitcases to pack, and dishes to do. And then we'll be off, leaving our fish to enjoy their twice daily feeding from the mechanical feeder I purcahsed before our last vacation. While we, my husband and I, eat out at a simple little cafe with good down-home fixen's like only the Germans can do...yum!

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