Anger Feels

Where does this anger come from
As it festers inside me, growing
Bigger and bigger like a rock
Water crashing against it's sides
Breathing no longer shallow
As I struggle to gain control
And release this rage inside of me
The weight no longer pressing me
deeper into the ground
I can't speak for my voice
has become bitter and hard
And I don't want to hear
How shallow and moody
And unjust some people will
say that I am as I try
to find the calm that gave
me smiles before this storm
that rages inside my body
my heart and soul as it
takes me on this journey
I never wanted to explore
Peace replaced by lightning
Shooting from my eyes and the
throb of heat pounding through
my aching head my toes
curled in a tight and tense
little ball of fury as I fight this
demon called anger swelling
in my body my heart and my soul.

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