I am not a fan of politics. Half of the time I don't understand what is happening and the other half I am confused about why it is happening. Every once in awhile, however, something hits me and feels completely wrong. And when Bush disregarded the law and used his power to commute Libby from his prison sentence, I understand politics far too well. I am not a fan of Bush. I feel that what he stands for undermines the good of America. When someone with so much power rules a country, the country itself is turned and twisted to be seen as a mini-version of it's leader. And what we see in Bush is someone with too much control, who loves war, and disregards justice. And that's how America is seen in other countries, surely, but also within the borders of America itself.

I wonder what makes Bush so scared to allow this man to be sent to prison and come to turns with his lying and cheating ways. What is Bush afraid will "come out" if he doesn't protect this lying member of the political staff? What exactly is happening in America's government administration? What have they done to tear a country completely in two? Why is it not even about the parties, and more about who likes and dislikes Bush?

I feel sad for America. A country that was built on great leaders and justice and compromise and support has come to this grueling war within it's own borders, based entirely on a presidential leader that doesn't have America or it's citizens in mind. He throws around his weight, but hasn't yet accompished anything in his 7 years in office for which American citizens can be proud. And what can we do? Sit back and wait...for the next election...for a new president to support...and hope that he gives to our country instead of to himself and his clique of close-knit friends (cheats).

I don't claim to understand politics, and I most certainly don't understand Bush and his war cries. But what I do totally get, is that our president just created yet another situation which Americans will be once again put through hell for. And I, as an American living abroad, will most certainly get yet another message from the warden at the embassy warning me that Americans could be terrorized, or to be careful because there is a demonstration against America in progress, or, in other words, to be fearful for being an American.

I am proud to be an American and I am proud of the basis of my country. But Bush, well, he's tearing my country apart. And I don't like him. And I don't like what he's done to (not for) America.

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