The Sea

We hit a traffic jam
Cars moving along at 10
Frustration showing on our faces
Take the next exit to home.
But then the road cleared
And 120 was the norm
We're heading for the sea today
A walk along the sandy shore.
Digging in the sand
And running through the waves
Watching little boy smiles
Enjoying the sunshiney day
As we went to take the exit
The traffic once again stood still
No way we're going there
Black Friday, splendid idea
Jari in the backseat
Look mama, what I've done
I turn around to face a surprise
Shoes tied, proud of his first time
With a thumbs up to my son
Pride floods through my veins
A family day out a complete success
In that one small moment
Nothing else more matters now.

We did finally arrive at the beach and then headed to Madurodam...and know what? It was a magnificent day. Thank you dear husband for going against your will to make it a day to remember...in more ways than one!

aND FOR A FUNNY BIT: As we were sitting in traffic arguing, Jari says to us "I think you guys better go to bed when we get home." "Why?" "Cuz you sure a yelling and being mean to each other, so you must be really tired!!!" Kids speak volumes....

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