Jari's Dream

This morning Jari came bounding downstairs yelling "Mama, I had a dream!" He told me that he dreamed that he came out of my tummy when he was 10 years old and he loved mushrooms and he turned 90 years old and still loved mushrooms.

We sat laughing together on the couch about his silly dream...how could he possibly still fit in mama's tummy if he was 10? And about the mushrooms, well, that is his least favorite food and the face he makes when one comes in contact with his tastebuds is extremely entertaining. When we have mushrooms, which is pretty frequently, he's always required to have just a bite and see if maybe it tastes any better this time!

He also asked if he still has vacation. Having had exactly one day of vacation to date, he's quite intrigued with this idea of not having to get ready for school, watching some cartoons in the morning, and playing games all day long. He asked why Kaeden didn't have vacation, and I said he does. "Well, why is Kaeden at school then, mama?" And when I told him Kaeden had vacation too and was still sleeping, he found that just hilarious. Kaeden can sleep so long???

I wish the weather would be a bit more cooperative so we could get out and enjoy the outdoors now that summer is upon us. But I suppose we'll have to find soem other means of entertainment that won't get us too wet...bowling, movies, museums...

Yippeee! It's vacation! (and not for mama, I might add! :-))

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