Ready To GO

The bags are packed, the ticket confirmations printed, and the boys can't wait to get to England. Yep, the time has come for us to take our first Ryan Air flight across teh north sea where family will greet us with their English accents and the boys will again be driven to use their english language skills. I'm looking forward to the trip...I love seeing new things and experiencing new adventures, and this is bound to be yet another. And, as an added bonus, I get a real live hug from my mommy...and what could be a sweeter birthday treat than that (well, besides maybe seeing her give one to my boys who miss their gramma). Tonight as I tucked Jari in, he asked me a million times how many days til he gets to see gramma? And his eyes light up when I tell him it's just 4 more sleeps. Maybe that's why it took him 2 hours, 1000 pats on his butt, and 400 songs before his eyes finally drifted off to dreamland. Kaeden wanted me to sleep with him on his last night in his own bed, but after a long story, numerous songs, and a million things I needed to do running thru my head, I finally kissed him goodnight...I'm going to miss that little boy. And little he is, even though he's 12...I can still remember the surprise of my life finding out I was pregnant, holding MY son in my arms on the day of his birth, and seeing him through the ups and downs of our life together. He is and always will be my baby.

So, I better hit the sack as the time will be upon us in a short 5 hours. As we'll be busy exploring England we'll chat again sometime next week. Have a great week!!!


Amanda said...

Have a great trip familie C! :) I will be thinking of you on your birthday Tera :) If you have some space left in your suitcase you can smuggle over some TETLEY tea bags from England if you like... I will pay top price for them! hehehe nothing like a strong cup of tea... I am not used to the dutch tea... dont think I ever will be :( Happy holidays! Love to you all... Amanda, Corné en Harry xoxoxoxoxoxox :)

V-Grrrl said...

Bon voyage!

Amanda said...


LANG ZAL ZE LEVEN... you know the rest... hehe

Have a lovely day gorgeous 23rd July baby! Thinking of you :) HUGS Amanda. xox