Bath Toys

This afternoon I took a bath with Jari. He loves to play with plastic animals, and today was no exception. As his animals came to chase me and bite me, my dinosaur picked up the penguin and we booked it on outta there. Completely innocent game and he laughed and laughed. And when I looked down, I couldn't help but laugh either...but what I saw wasn't quite as innocent....see what I mean?! :-) hahaha The joys of toys....

And then, to top off my fit of laughter, I glanced at my son who looked just like Alfalfa...see any comparison?!

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Amanda said...

lol... it was funny when you told me about this today Tera... but even funnier now I have seen the photo to go with the story... haha. I wonder what you would get if you did cross a dinosaur with a penguin? Hmmmm. An evil big bird thats for sure! Thank you for coming over today... I had a great day and lots of laughs as usual. If I don't see you again before you leave for your holidays... have a lovely time and enjoy yourself and time with your family :) HUGS Amanda xox