I just returned home from the dentist...for teh second time in a week. I am not one that thrives on going to the dentist. Though I do love the way my mouth feels after a good cleaning, I always get a little nervy when the appointment nears. Especially, when I know it's not just a check-up and cleaning, but to have work done.

So, last week I got a filling, which was right near the roots with the probability of a necessary root canal. I have never had one and it doesn't sound like much fun, so I was hoping the filling would work out okay. And to date, it seems okay, just not perfect. In general, I feel no pain, but every couple days I suddenly get this debilitating crazy ouch pain that lasts for an hour until pain relievers kick in. The dentist told me to just see how it goes, see if I can handle it, and hope that within a few months it's all well.

Today, I had to have a tooth fixed that broke off the day before we left for summer vacation. And he informed me that it's another one of those probable root canal situations. And he loaded me up with numbing shot, but my tooth never really went numb. So, he tries again, waits another 10 minutes, still not numb. He starts drilling anyway and YOWWWW! That hurt like the devil. The squeal that exited my mouth could be heard a few streets further up. But he says: Just another second, come on, you can do this.

And I did. Pain, yes, but it was over in a matter of minutes and he used a whole lotta filling to fix the ole tooth with the hopes of not needing a root canal. We'll see. Anyway, though my tooth never numbed, the side of my cheeks did, and I am sitting here waiting for that weird feelign to go away. I hate drooling! ;-)

So, that's about it from the excitement of my life. I think that's enuf excitement. Sometimes just blending into life without tooo much excitement can be a good thing.

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Jade said...

Mild can be great my friend. Sorry about all the dentist trips, but glad you're taking care of your teeth! Hope this week continues to stay mild for you and yours.