White or Brown?

Tonight, Erwin was late getting home from work, so the boys and I ate together. We had ham, potatoes, mushrooms and garlic bread. Yum! There were no complaints from anyone, which is a miracle in and of itself. That's Jari's greatest forte...EWWWWWwwww, YUCK! I don't like THAT!

So, when Erwin got home, after we had eaten, I prepared his dinner. As I placed his dinner on the table, Jari sat by watching.

"White bread?" asked my darling little boy. "Papa has white bread and we had brown bread. That's funny.""

I looked at him and said "We had white bread too, Ja-Bug!"

Üh-uh, we had brown bread. Papa's is white, and ours was brown.""

And okay, so I have to give it to him, our white garlic bread did get a little TOO done in the oven...I guess we'll just call it brown bread from here on out :-) Like I said, there were no complaints!

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Jade said...

You could have called it Cajun bread ;-)