Someone Is A Gold Medalist!

Today, we had a big ole surprise come to our house. Jari ran in the school run today, competing against kids from schools all over our region...and guess who got FIRST place???
My little bug, my little speed demon, came home with the gold medal! I am so proud of him!!! And besides the medal, he also won a new game, which he immediately wanted to play....of course!
Anyway, I am a happy, proud mama this afternoon, and there's a happy, proud little bug in my midst as well. We have reason to celebrate!


Casdok said...

Yes congratulations Jari!! And i can feel your pride mama!!

Jade said...

Yay!!! Pizza all around!

Alison said...

Yea Jari!!! congratulations!!

Papa said...

Jari is the champion, faster than a deer or a bird. Super!!!