I'm Raising A Chicken!

So, I was getting Jari ready for bed. He was sitting on the bathroom cabinet poised with toothbrush in hand and wrapped up in a towel after a refreshing bath. Suddenly, he pipes up: Mama, when I grow up I am going to be a chicken and sit on an egg.

Now, you had to see his face, but trust me, it was the genuine look of WOW, I just figured out what I am gonna do with my life! So, it seems as if I have a chicken-to-be in my midst. I wonder if parenting a future chicken is any different than parenting a future soccer star?

As the conversation continued between mommy's fits of laughter, we discussed chickens and roosters and how eggs become chicks...and I realized that I don't know a whole lot about the entire process. But, I DO have a good book that describes the egg to chick process in detail from day to day...guess what our nighttime story was? Jari woke up the next day retelling the story of how an egg becomes a chick, focussing on day 13 when they get feathers. And he seems to have decided that maybe he doesn't want to be a chicken, beause teh egg comes out of their butt! And he also seems to have decided he won't be eating anymore eggs (though I don't think he's ever eaten an egg to this day, unless it's in cookies or cake!!!).

So, I think I'll just go back to being the mama of a future soccer star...seems much easier than being the mama of a gender-transformed chicken!!!


Alison said...

that is so cute...I just love little boys!!

Jade said...

Hee hee...thats a very cute post. But just be thankful that he said he wants to be a chicken and not a woman! LOL then you'd really have some things to think about!

Hahaha! Hope all is peaceful with you're newly reunited home girlfriend.