A Sty In Your Eye

This morning, Jari and I were sitting having breakfast at the kitchen table, just about ready to head out the door for school...when I suddenly noticed a red lump at the corner of his eye.

"Does your eye hurt, Jari?" I asked him.
"No, but it has a bump on it," he tells me as he pokes at the sty on his eye.
"well, mama better get you to the doctor and get some medicine for it so it'll get better," I tell him. "You have a sty on your eye."

HAHAHAHA "I have a sty on my eye" HAHAHAHA "But I am NOT gonna have NO medicine."

"But if we don't get medicine and make it better, you could go blind," I say.

"Well, at least then I could have a dog." answers my son, picking up his backpack holding onto a fake leash and walking with his eyes closed, pretending to be blind. "If I go blind, can I have a dog then, mama?"


Jade said...

Well I don't know about going blind from a sty...lol.

There is a old southern saying from Arkansas that my grandma passed to my mom and my mom passed to me " If you get a sty in your eye it means you've peed in the road." lol

A sty is just a clogged tear duct. But as a child I would really think about whether I had peed in the road or not. Hehe. Gotta love southern euphemisms!

Lisa researching sty treatment said...

I don't think you can go blind from a sty. You can, however, get some relief by plucking the hair follicle closest to the sty.