40 Year Party

My in-laws celebrated forty years of marriage yesterday. 40 years! I consider that quite a milestone in life. When Erwin adn I reach forty years of marriage, we'll be in our 70's...but oma and opa are in their early 60's and to help them celebrate their special day, they got a few little trips...one to Barcelona from Ilse, and one to the Moezel in Germany from us. And, they just got back from a few days away in Southern Holland that they planned themselves. So, celebrating 40 years seems quite a "worldly" experience!

In honor of their special day, they invited us all on a surprise day out. When we got to their house we all loaded up in their car and headed to....Toverland! It's a indoor/outdoor playland with rides and games and playgrounds and rollercoasters and we had a really good day relaxing with coffee and sandwiches between our bouts of fun. The kids especially enjoyed themselves and while there I kept thinking what unbelievably lucky guys we have. When I was a kid, we went to such an amusement park MAYBE once a year...my kids manage to get to one at least every couple of months. Are they spoiled? Maybe a little, but at the same time it's a day for our family to come together and do something fun we all enjoy. And we never just go buy a ticket and go, but search for specials or on the second hand site for people trying to get rid of tickets. And often, they receive the ticket as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. And it gives all of us a bit of fun.

After heading out at closing time, we went to a restaurnat for dinner. This was someplace Erwin remembered going with his family over the years, and so was meant to bring back memories as well as a good meal. It was a bit less than we had hoped, with snotty servers and cafe style food which was tasty, but limited in choice. Oma didn't even eat as she couldn't find anything she liked. Erwin sat with us 20 minutes late as he waited for his to cook, and Kaeden ended up with a hodgepodge of pea soup, a boiled egg and chocolate mousse. The cost with regards to service was certainly overpriced, but it was still nice having a sit-down meal with the entire family in a restaurnat...something we don't often do with our little guys. We then completed the evening at oma and opa's house with pie and coffee, as we all yawned and commented on how tired we were.

It was a nice day. The best part for me was seeing oma and opa so happy together, joking and smiling, talking about their second youth, the plans they have for the coming years. When they went on the bobsled together and came rolling to a stop with laughter that didn't stop, it made me feel really happy inside, gave me hope for the future with my own husband. Thinking about both sets of parents, mine who have shared 35 years together, and Erwin's celebrating 40 years, we have both had good examples of marriage, what making a life together means. I only hope that when we come to 40 years, I can be standing beside my husband with so much laughter still filling my eyes. Thank you oma and opa, for such a special day sharing such a wonderful milestone with us. Thank you for the laughter and smiles, thank you for giving us hope. And PROFICIAT! And now, onto the second youth...

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