Feb 19, 2001

Yep, that was the date that shows Kaeden at 112 cm in length. Tonight, on Feb 17, 2007, Jari is at 112 cm. 6 years apart, and my boys are the exact same height on nearly the same day :-) That means that Jari is a bit bigger than his brother was at the same age, as Jari is about 6 months younger than Kaeden was in Feb 2001. I already knew that, though, as the clothes we saved from Kaeden for Jari fit him now. And know what else I realized? IN feb 2001 there was not yet a Jari...Kaeden was a single child...wow, how time changes lives. Kaeden is now 149cm at the ripe age of 12, and 8cm taller than he was exactly a year ago. And Jari, well, he's still the little guy in the class but growing strong...he also grew 8cm in this past year!

If there's anything I recommend for parents, it's to get a growth chart, a permanent one, and keep track of your kids heights on it. So all the marks look a bit sloppy and it can never be reused, but wow, it sure lets you see just how far your kids have come! Mine, well, they've come a long way, baby!

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tlawwife said...

We had a growth chart on a door way and then moved. That was the hardest thing to leave.