Crabby Me

I have been a first class bitch the past few days. I haven't been able to understand what's going on with me, but I've just been totally down and taking it out on everyone around me. I've been miserable and want them miserable too. Now, isn't that just "nice". It's probably that time of the month...it should be getting close anyway...and as I get older I have noticed that I am having more and more bouts of bitchiness a few days prior to getting my period. I feel like the world is against me and I am most certainly against the world. But then I woke up this morning after a really miserable Sunday and didn't feel especially good. My stomach was feeling a bit funny, my throat a bit itchy, my voice a bit scratchy, and my head a bit stuffed. As the day wore on, it just kept multiplying. When I picked Jari up at lunch I took one look at his extremely white face and knew he was feeling just like mama. He came in and immediately lay down on the couch requesting a movie and water. He didn't go back to school, but we took some books in mama's bed and read stories and sang songs til we both crashed. He slept nearly two hours, got up and laid back on the couch with a blankie. I masked some medicine in his juice and he thought it tasted funny, but drank it anyway. He's perked up a bit in the last 1/2 hour, still laying on the couch with his blankie. I also feel a bit more human, though my head feels like it weighs a hundred ton and my ears are all full of fluff and there's that warm/cold thing going on...yep, the tell-tale signs of getting sick. Dang!!!

Maybe, just maybe, my bitchiness can be excused this time around. I dunno...I still feel that way. I just want to pack up myself and huddle in a corner all alone and lonely and have a good cry. Not ideal, especially when I've got a baby begging mama to take care of him. I should have been a crab, not a lion...but at least I know how to growl real good...


tlawwife said...

That is a powerful bug that can go through the internet and across the ocean. Hope you are all better soon. As for the bitchiness I think that being sent to their room is wasted on kids. It just doesn't work as well with moms.

MsYennis said...

I've been SO crabby lately too, but I don't have the period or the sickies to blame it on!!

Hope you feel better!