Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the day of love today....Valentine's Day! Yet, what a strange Valentine's Day it is! We're celebrating a double holiday, as it's also Carnaval day for the kids at school. Kaeden left for school dressed as a soldier with his Valentine's cake he made yesterday and all his Valentine's in a sack to share with his friends. He's got an army painted face and a gun, camo clothing, and then some little Sweetheart candies and boxed Valentines...what a combination. He's excited about both, but I'm sure the Carnaval celebration is more powerful to him...that's what they know here in Belgium...not the lovey-dovey Valentine's, as much as we also make it part of our life here in our American household. Still, his classmates will be excited during their Carnaval celebration as they dive into Kaeden's heart-shaped cake and candies. I said it was interesting.

Jari has been home the past few days sick. I don't even know if he's going to go to school as when I woke him up he was feverish and coughing like a barking seal. I hate for him to miss these fun and special events, but he told me he just doesn't want to go. I think if he'd get up and be a bit more lively he'd want to cash in on the opportunity as well, but we'll wait and see. He's only got 1/2 day today and a dose of tylenol should perk him up just long enough. But I'm not gonna push it. I'd rather have a healthy little boy than a real Wyoming cowboy. And as for treats, well, we are saving Jari's for his soccer club. Treats are frowned upon at Jari's school, and I didn't manage to get the cookies made anyway. Jari wanted to create a football field with potato soccer balls just like he saw on a kids cooking program yesterday while he relaxed on the couch. So, that's what we did. He was very proud even as he took a bite into them with disgust. He decided he didn't like the grass or the soccer balls or the meat which was a bit pink inside...guess he's a well-done kinda boy like his mama.

Erwin will most likely be home late tonight as he's moving his office to another building. I packed his lunch up in lovey-dovey sandwich bags this morning, but the poem I wanted to write just didn't come to me yesterday, no matter what I did. Like I said, I have been feeling a bit down and the Valentine's Day celebration hasn't been the foremost thing on my mind. Erwin, will you be my Valentine, voor altijd en een dag? Even if I haven't been the most loving of wives, I hope that deep down you know how very much you mean to me.

Happy Valentine's Day! May it be a feast of loving hearts sharing that special closeness each of us deserves every day, but most especially, today.

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